I want to tell my story

If you have a story you would like to sell, I can help. I am a former Mail on Sunday, Daily Mirror and Closer magazine feature writer, and have written for many more publications on a freelance basis. I know how the industry works and those who work in it, and believe telling your story should be a simple and rewarding process.

Will I get paid?

Potentially, yes, depending on which publication your interview is printed in. But perhaps not as much as you’d expect. I am generally able to offer between £50 and £1000 for a story depending on how strong and in demand it is, and how good the pictures you have to support your story are. The fee I am paid as an interviewer is completely separate from any fee you would be paid, so it makes sense to benefit from my experience and use my contacts to get the best deal.

I'm not doing it for the money!

Perhaps you have a charity you would like to raise awareness for or you want to pay tribute to a loved one. Maybe you have fulfilled an extraordinary ambition or beaten a rare illness. Or you have a cautionary tale about an issue, organisation or person currently in the news. In these circumstances, appearing in print can bring you invaluable publicity.

Why me?

Unlike many of the press agencies or freelancers you might have come across online, I am not a publicity agent, who will sell your story to the highest bidder before passing you over to the publication’s journalist with whom you will have to build a new relationship from scratch. Although I am committed to getting you the highest fee possible I am also an experienced writer. If you sell your story through me, I will be the only journalist you need speak to, from our initial conversation to the final printed article (and beyond, if you choose to stay in touch).

How does it work?

Email me a few sentences telling me briefly what your story is about. Please also remember to leave a mobile number I can contact you on. If I can help I will call and we’ll have a preliminary chat so I can make sure I have an adequate synopsis of your story, and ascertain what you hope to achieve by telling it and what publication or publications would be best for you to appear in. I will approach them on your behalf and let you know whether they want to run your story, and if so, how much they are prepared to pay you. If you are happy with their offer, I will interview you.

What now?

Take a moment to read about me and some of the articles I’ve written. If you like the sound of me, or you have any further questions, send me an email. Please also tell me whether your story has appeared anywhere before and whether you've spoken to any other journalists about it (dealing with more than one journalist will only cause confusion and may jeopardise the value of your story). I will get in touch asap if I can help.