About me

I’m a national newspaper and magazine journalist. I started my career as a feature writer at the Mail on Sunday, the Daily Mirror and Closer, and deputy features editor at The People. After having a baby in 2010, I spent ten wonderful months ad-libbing lullabies, pureeing sweet potato and becoming so sleep deprived I actually set fire to my pyjamas, before deciding it was time to return to work. Now freelance, I write for titles such as the Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, Telegraph, Daily Mirror, Grazia, Fabulous (the Sun), Marie Claire, Woman, Now and Closer.

Human interest

I have interviewed hundreds of ordinary people facing exceptional circumstances. Many were behind some of the biggest headlines of recent years, such as the grieving fiancée of a July 7th bombing victim, the McCartney sisters who campaigned for justice following their brother, Robert's murder, rape victims in Sudan and Patrick Lumumba, falsely accused of killing Meredith Kercher. I’ve also interviewed teenage mothers, mistresses, child prodigies, lottery winners, medical miracles, and even a swinging vicar for articles that have shocked, enthralled and informed.

Case study reports

Should you kiss your adult child on the lips? Would you stop smiling if it meant you didn’t develop wrinkles? Why is working motherhood so stressful? I am always writing reports on talking points like these, and looking for opinionated interviewees (or ‘case studies’ as they’re called) to take part in them. They need to be willing to be named and pictured, and I can usually offer payment if their story is printed. Want to get involved? Please sign up to my mailing list to find out what I’m currently working on.


I enjoy writing for the health sections of national newspapers about a broad array of subjects, from organ donation and breastfeeding to HIIT and stillbirth. Working with families who have been through extraordinary and often unimaginable ordeals to raise awareness of health conditions is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. If you have a health story you’d like to share, or an unusual or controversial approach to anything health or wellbeing related that you’re keen to spread the word on, please email me.


I have interviewed plenty of celebs, from Cliff Richard, Joanna Lumley and Status Quo to Beirut hostage Brian Keenan and women's rights campaigner Erin Pizzey. I’ve even played tennis with Martina Navratilova. I have profiled soap and sports stars, singers, actors and reality television winners and am good at delivering interviews that delve beneath their public personae.

First person pieces

I have dressed up as Wonderwoman, had my hair cut like Princess Diana, starved myself at boot camp, had laughter therapy and even climbed to the top of Nelson's Column in kitten heels (as scary as it was random). With two small children, I also enjoy writing about the many idiosyncrasies of motherhood.